About Us

Our national network

Australia’s leading water suppliers are supporting Choose Tap, and we’re working hard together to create better outcomes for the environment and communities.

Before you think it, allow us to say it. Yes, we’re a little bit obsessed with tap water.

Not because it’s refreshing and replenishing, or even because it’s cheaper than that bottled stuff you can buy, or even because Australian's are blessed with access to some of the finest tap water the world has to offer. It's because we’re serious about protecting the environment.

We’ve seen the damage single-use plastics are doing to our planet and are committed to being part of the solution.

So, who are we? We’re a community of change-makers, leading water retailers and councils from across the country calling on all Australians to ditch the plastic and make the switch to tap water.

We know Choosing Tap won’t solve the world’s plastic crisis but are certain it’s a damn good place to start.

Will you join us?

Water Stories


South East Water and Bayside City Council team up on tap water


South East Water and Bayside City Council have teamed up to make it easier for residents, visitors and their furry friends to choose tap…

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Gippsland Water supports Federation University's plastic free pledge


Gippsland Water managing director Sarah Cumming said the organisation’s donation was part of a broader effort to promote tap over bottled…

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Portable water stations available for events in Mackay, Queensland


ORGANISERS of big community events to small-scale school fetes will be able to keep their patrons well and truly hydrated. In honour of…

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