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Since 01 January 2020


single-use plastic bottles have been sent to landfill


bottles every day


bottles every minute


Olympic sized swimming pools filled every year


The life of

a plastic bottle

In the factory

Tonnes of greenhouse gasses were released during production – damaging the ozone, causing ocean acidification and contributing to climate change.

Did you know?

It takes

3L of water to produce 1L of bottled water.


The bottle has joined the 130kg of single-use plastic that the average Australian consumes every year.

Did you know?

By 2050, scientists predict there will be

more plastics in the ocean than fish.

In 10 years

Rainwater has mixed in with the garbage – creating toxins which have begun to leak into the soils, oceans and waterways. Yuck.

Did you know?

Less than 20%

of plastic gets recycled in Australia.

In 50 years

The plastic is now starting to break down into smaller pieces called micro-plastics.

Did you know?

85% of Austalian seabirds

are affected by plastic pollution.


In 450 years

The bottle no longer exists but the micro-plastics remain in the oceans and soil, and are even making their way into our food. Feeling sick yet?

Did you know?

Bottled water contains on average between

118 and 325 micro-plastics per litre.


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We're on a mission to inspire more people like you to keep a reusable bottle handy – with free refills on offer wherever you find the Choose Tap sticker.

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We work with businesses and organisations of all kinds to promote tap water to their employees and customers – helping to reduce plastic use and create more refillers and less landfillers.

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Our network of 20 water retailers and councils across the country is growing all the time.

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We’re teaming up with our network of councils and water retailers to get active in local communities – supporting access to free tap water and promoting healthy choices.

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